The Sea (Kaibatsu) 

Genre: Drama • 80 min • 2018

Japanese Contemporary Film Retrospective

The story revolves around Hiroshi, a timid high school student, who is bullied by two classmates. Hiroshi dreams of getting to a university in order to leave his mundane coastal town and escape his torturing life, but his life changes forever, when his bullies instigate him to lure another classmate of theirs, Rie, into a boat shed in the beach where they rape her. Hiroshi endures then twelve years of anguish for his inability to intervene.


Takahashi Kensei


Abe Satoshi, Matsuzaki Masaki, Satō Arisa


in Japanese with English/Polish subtitles

Kino Kameralne Cafe - Arthouse Cinema in Gdansk, 08.10.2019, 22:00