Orphan's Blues (Ōfanzu Burūsu)

Genre: Drama • 99 min • 2018

Japanese Contemporary Film Retrospective

Emma lives in a world where heat predominates. One day, she receives a painting from her missing, childhood friend, Yang, with whom she grew up. Emma and Yang’s young brother, Van, set up a trip to find him. As they meet more people who knows Yang, Emma’s habit of forgetting things gets worse. She loses her memory as a wind blows on the sand. But they breathe the light out. The film was inspired by Terayama Shūji’s Hitoribocchi no anata ni.


Kudō Riho


Murakami Yukino, KamikawaTakuro, Tsuji Nagiko, Kubose Tamaki, Sasaki Shion, Yu Yoshii


in Japanese with English/Polish subtitles

Kino Kameralne Cafe - Arthouse Cinema in Gdansk, 07.10.2019, 19:00