Orphans’ Blues

Orphans’ Blues (Ōfanzu Burūsu, 2018, dir. Kudō Riho) YOUTH CINEMA SECTION

Emma lives in a world where heat predominates. One day, she receives a painting from her missing, childhood friend, Yang, who she grew up together. Emma and Yang’s young brother, Van set up a trip to find him. As they meet more people who knows Yang, Emma’s habit of forgetting things gets worse. She loses her memory as a wind blows on the sand. But they breathe the light out. The film is inspired by Terayama Shūji’s ‚Hitoribocchi no anata ni’

Starring: Murakami Yukino, KamikawaTakuro, Tsuji Nagiko, Kubose Tamaki, Sasaki Shion, Yu Yoshii

Kino Kameralne Cafe – Arthouse Cinema in Gdańsk, 07.10, 19:00


04.10 - 09.10.2019

Gdansk Shakepeare Theatre
Kameralne Cafe Cinema
Gdansk Culture Institute

Festival Program


10.10 - 11.10.2019

Adam Mickiewicz University
Muza Cinema

Festival Program


09.10 - 13.10.2019

Jerzy Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw

Festival Program