Lowlife Love (Gesu no ai)

Genre: Drama • 110 min • 2015

Japanese Contemporary Film Retrospective

A relentlessly cynical black comedy that takes a look under the rug of the Japanese film industry, where scheming lowlife producers, filmmakers and actors get by through exploitation and intimidation. The biggest lowlife is Tetsuo, who made a minor indie hit many years ago but has since then coasted by shooting cheap pornos for cash and half-heartedly running an acting workshop where he sexually harasses newbie actresses. When two talented new students sign up for his workshop, however, one with an exciting original script and the other with star potential, Tetsuo sees an opportunity and makes plans for his comeback.


Uchida Eiji


Aoki Masahiko, Arai Masato, Denden


in Japanese with English/Polish subtitles

Muza Cinema in Poznan, 10.10.2019