J.A. Seazer

J.A. Seazer is a theatre director, music composer, co-director of almost all Terayama Shūji's plays. His major music compositions include: Ship of Fools, Jashūmon, Shintokumaru, Kokkyō Junreika. He composed music for Tearayama’s feature films, such as Farewell to the Ark (1984), Boxer (1977), Death in the Country (1974). Since the foundation of the Laboratory of Theatre Play Ban’yū Inryoku in 1983, he has been directing and composing soundtracks for nearly all of the theatrical productions, thus becoming the sole successor of the Tenjō Sajiki and Terayama's legacy. In 1986 he was awardedthe Fringe First Award in Edinburgh for SUNA and in 2005 selected to direct a huge production An Epic: A Grain of Seed for the Japanese Government Pavilion at Aichi Expo. Among the younger generation he is mostly known for the soundtrack for animated Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) that went down in the history of Japanese animated film as Seazer's tour de force.