Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands (Kōya no Datchi Waifu)

Genre: Pink Film • 85 min • 1967


Meeting in a blasted, barren wilderness, the hitman Shō is hired by wealthy real estate agent Naka to track down his kidnapped lover, Sae. Naka shows him a poor quality film of the girl being beaten and assailed by a gang of four yakuza, which sets Shō out on a trail that brings him back into contact with the gang leader, Ko, who was responsible for the murder of his own girlfriend five years before. As he embarks on his quest through the dreamlike cityscapes of the late-60s Tokyo underworld for a fateful 3pm barroom rendezvous with his nemesis, Shō becomes increasingly unsure as to whether the girl really existed in the first place.


Yamatoya Atsushi


Tatsumi Noriko, Minato Yūichi, Watari Miki, Yamamoto Shōhei


in Japanese with English/Polish subtitles

Special Guest(s)

Shiota Akihiko, Jasper Sharp, Stephan Holl

Kino Kameralne Cafe - Arthouse Cinema in Gdansk, 05.10.2019, 20:30