Hirata Oriza

He is a playwright, director, president of Professional College of Arts and Tourism. Leader of Seinendan. Artistic director of Ebara Riverside Theater and Komaba Agora Theater.  Born in Tokyo in 1962. In 1995, Hirata won the 39th Kishida Kunio Drama Award with Tokyo Notes, in 2019 he won the 22nd Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award with Nihon Bungaku Seisui Shi (The Rise and Fall History of Japanese Literature). In 2006, he won the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award. In 2011, France’s Ministry of Culture honored Hirata with the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. In recent years, he has been conducting international collaborations with different countries especially with France, and in 2016 he wrote and directed a play Stilles Meer – Silent Sea for the Hamburg State Opera.