Andrew Chan Hang-fai

Artistic Director of the Alice Theatre Laboratory. Andrew graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with a BFA (Hons) in Directing and was awarded Outstanding Director from the Academy for his graduation production Woyzeck. His director works have been invited multiple times to various art festivals in mainland China, Taiwan and Europe, including Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, Endgame, Hamletmachine, The Hong Kong Three Sisters, The Tempest and A Dream Play. In 2009, he was awarded Best Director (Tragedy/Drama) in the 18th Hong Kong Drama Awards and in the 1st Hong Kong Theatre Libre with Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka. With 1001 Nights of Pasolini, he was also nominated for Best Director in the 3rd Hong Kong Theatre Libre. In 2013, Andrew was awarded Best Director again in the 5th Hong Kong Theatre Libre with Endgame. He is recently nominated for the Best Director (Tragedy/Drama) in the 27th Hong Kong Drama Awards with The Hong Kong Three Sisters, which was awarded “Thumbs Up” Fringe Award in 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival. Other international festivals, in which Andrew was invited to participate and collaborated with overseas artists, include Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Taipei Kuan Du Arts Festival and Wuzhen Theatre Festival. Recently, Andrew has been involved in international exchange projects. In 2020, Japan Directors Association invited him to host an online workshop for The International Performing Arts Exchange 2020 (Hong Kong Special). In the workshop, Andrew shared with the Japanese directors, playwrights and performers how The Hong Kong Three Sisters was devised.